The book in my hand…

… from the Pilgrim’s mouth.

Pliable: Come, neighbour Christian, since there are none but us two here, tell me now further, what the things are, and how to be enjoyed, whither we are going.
Christian: I can better conceive of them with my mind than speak of them with my tongue : but yet since you are desirous to know, I will read of them in my book.
Pliable: And do you think that the words of your book are certainly true?
Christian: Yes, verily, for it was made by him that cannot lie. (a) Titus 1:2

Worldly-Wiseman: How camest thou by the burden at first?
Christian: By reading this book in my hand.
Worldly-Wiseman: * I thought so; and it has happened unto thee as to other weak men, who meddling with things too high for them, do suddenly fall into thy distractions; which distractions do not only unman men (as thine I perceive have done the,) but they run them upon desperate ventures to obtain they know not what.

* Mr. Worldly-wiseman does not like that men should be serious in reading the Bible.

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