Correcting “the Original”

“The story (the pericope – John 7:53 -8,11) is part of oral tradition that was included in the Syriac Pershitta, circulated in the Western Church, eventually finding its way into the Latin Vulgate, and then there into later GREEK MSS, the like of which were used in formulating the Textus Receptus.” Early Manuscripts & Modern Translations of the New Testament, Comfort, 1996 pg. 115.

Philip Comfort (Ph.D., D. Litt. et Phil.) asserts that MSS in Greek (the original language) come from translations! He is not the first scholar to make such an assertion, others have as well. Without exact information on the copyist and his exemplar we have no way of knowing if any extant manuscript is not really a translation itself! Thus the idea that manuscripts written in Greek take priority over the Scriptures because they are in the original language (not the autograph, but in the same language as the original was supposedly written in) is ridiculous.

Professor George Frederick Wright, D.D., LL.D., wrote:
“All this material (Greek translations, Greek versions, Syriac material, Latin translations) furnishes ample ground for correcting in minor particulars the current Hebrew text; and this can be done on well established scientific principles which largely eliminate conjectural emendation.” The Fundamentals, Torrey, reprint 2008, Vol 1, pgs 44-45.

Again, using translations to correct the original Hebrew! And that by a Fundamentalist! And the Fundamentalists on this board complain about KJVO’s correcting the Hebrew with the English Scriptures!

Once again with emphasis, the Scriptures in any language can correct any document, manuscript, version or translation written in original languages. The AV being the Scriptures in English has that authority as do the Scriptures in any other language including the original languages.

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