Only Acceptable Translation Possible

by Bill Kincaid
“The AV is not the only acceptable translation possible. Nor is it the only acceptable translation that ever existed. Nor is it the only acceptable translation in the world today. The AV is clearly the ONLY English Bible that ever became the standard English Bible. It is the ONLY English Bible that put all of its predecessors out of print. It did this because all faiths and denominations that hold the Bible as their sole authority (sola scriptura) accepted it as their standard Bible. The AV, during its tenure as the ONLY significant Protestant Bible in English (hundreds of years), begat every significant evangelical institution in existence to this day. Every real revival, every missionary society, every Bible society, every gospel enterprise, was founded using ONE standard English Bible. AV believers insist the AV was God’s providence to the English speaking world, its acceptance by all was demonstration of its approval by God, and its phenomenal success (its fruit) was the reward of FAITH in God’s word. We believe it because it was responsible for our doctrinal soundness, our spiritual growth, and in a very real and practical sense, it BEGAT us. Of course we believe it. If anyone accuses it of error, they should consider it their burden to prove their accusation. If their accusation turns out to be just their JUDGMENT or PREFERENCE, we judge them to be in error. The AV is the ONLY standard English Bible to ever exist. Why should I doubt any word in it?”

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