The perfection of perfection

by Bill Kincaid

perfect, adj
1 a: being entirely without fault or defect: flawless
b: satisfying all requirements: accurate
c: corresponding to an ideal standard
2: faithfully reproducing the original
3 a: Pure, total
b: lacking in no essential detail : complete
c: of an extreme kind : unmitigated

Websters New Ideal Dictionary 1968 Merriam

By “the KJV” I mean the generally accepted consensus of KJV editions and printings.

1a: The KJV is “entirely without fault or defect” in it’s meaning, in what it intends to say. That is, the meaning of the text in the KJV is FAULTLESS. Strain AT a gnat, Easter, God was manifest in the flesh, three that bear record in Heaven, keep his commandments, these signs shall follow them, Jesus is the son of God, an angel moved the water, it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks, Jesus stooped and wrote on the ground, Joseph and his mother, forty and two years old, leaning on the top of his staff, unicorns, broken for you, through his blood, not all died, virgin shall be with child, corrupt the word of God, teach all nations, etc. Perfection is to say these things are indeed the word of God, what God intended to say to us.

1b: The KJV satisfies all requirements of God. He approves, he demonstrated it. The KJV satisfies all requirements of God’s people. It is accurate, it is not corrupt, it is trustworthy, it is not an isolated opinion, it is true, it became practically universally accepted among believers.

1c: The KJV corresponds to the ideal standard of the TR and the MT, the universally recognized standard original language texts. The KJV 1611 corresponded to the expectations of the English speaking people, and won their approval and faith. The KJV 1769 corresponded to the ideal standard set by the 1611, and was deemed its legitimate successor.

2: The KJV is “perfect” in its textual accuracy, “faithfully reproducing the original,” although in this case the “original” is defined as the standardized books called scripture by believers long after the original documents perished (in those cases where some original document actually existed). And “reproducing faithfully” includes the concept of “translating” also, perfection in expression endorsed by the original author.

3a: The KJV is “pure,” uncorrupted by false doctrinal bias, unconvicted of any heresy or apostasy, not influenced by the profit motive, unswayed by evangelical fashion, modern “state of the art” newness in equivalence, to put it simply, beyond reproach.

3b: The KJV is lacking nothing, complete, inclusive, exhaustive, thoroughly furnished. Mitex’s point. It has Mat. 23.14, Acts 8.36, John 8, Mark 16, 1 John 5.7, 1 Tim. 3.16, etc. It warns about the root of all evil, corrupting the word of God, anger without a cause, it prophesies the virgin birth, taking up serpents, and Christ’s future kingdom “of this world” when his servants would “fight,” it talks about God’s blood, God’s flesh, and God’s threefold witness, etc.

3c: The KJV is extreme, calls hell hell, fire fire, dung dung, sin sin, and virgin a virgin. The KJV is unmitigated by evolutionary conceptions, democracy, socialism, feminism, ecumenism, humanism, secularism and one-worldism. The KJV is uncompromised, unabridged, full force, full speed ahead and still in your face.

Can such perfection be updated? Sure. Can it be revised? Sure. Perfection doesn’t apply to individual printings or copies. It applies to the standard text. Nor does it apply to currency in language, spelling, grammar, and type. Improvement of the KJV includes eliminating divergence, adjusting phrases to avoid misunderstandings in modern speech, improvement in readability, and even greater changes where consensus exists. I included that last phrase so you would have something to reply to.

As far as your take on Ruckman, have you actually read any of his books? Ruckman is much more reasonable than you pretend. He qualifies his claim to KJV perfection as “without PROVEN error.” He certainly doesn’t consider me a heretic, even if he disagrees with me. And Ruckman doesn’t have a monopoly on insulting language and derogatory accusations. Kristi and Scott, both moderators on this board have “lost it” with me on several occasions. “Eight years” must indeed be a long time to wrestle with a nagging conscience.

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  1. Shane says:

    and most important of all, is the approved by bill kincaid and team

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