Marriage Defined

Marriage is the emotional and physical union of one man and one woman, brought about by a lifelong commitment to each other before God and society. It is the formation of a new nuclear family headed by the husband after leaving his father and mother and uniting with his wife. Once a marriage is recognized and consummated it gives moral and legal rights to the husband and wife, as a couple, not previously held as individuals. Marriage is a symbol of the union of Christ and His Church.


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3 Responses to Marriage Defined

  1. That’s your definition.

    I, an atheist, will be marrying my agnostic girlfriend in a civil ceremony amongst friends and family next week. And it’s still a marriage.

    • mitex says:

      Thank you for you comments. Regardless of where a marriage takes place, civil or religious ceremony, it is always before God. I don’t believe you are an atheist as atheists don’t exist, never have and never will. You are probably a person who is fed up with religion, join the crowd, so am I. God is not the author of “religion”, He is the author of life.

      • “it is always before God.”

        No, it’s not.

        “I don’t believe you are an atheists as atheists don’t exist, never have and never will.”

        You’re free to believe that.

        You’re factually wrong. But you’re free to be wrong.

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