The Authorized Edition of the English Bible (1611), its subsequent reprints and modern representatives. F.Ha. Scrivener, M.A. D.C.L., LL.D., Cambridge: At the University Press, 1884, Appendix A

“Catalogue of the variations from the original edition of the Authorized Version of the Holy Bible (1611), which, being found in all modern editions, have been retained in the Cambridge paragraph Bible. Obvious misprints and the peculiar orthography of the original are excluded, and the dates annexed are those of the editions in which the several variations originated, so far as these can be ascertained.”

This appendix shows the date and edition of the VARIATION (variants) found in the several editions of the AV 1611. Note:
“Obvious MISPRINTS and the peculiar orthography of the original are EXCLUDED…” Got that? Good. This appendix is not about misprints, typos, and orthography, but rather VARIANTS introduced after the original printing of the AV 1611. Among the notable types of variants found in 60+ pages of VARIANTS are:

Gen 23:10 gates – gate

Pronoun changes:
Gen 39:16 her lord – his lord

Preposition changes:
Job 9:19 on – in

Word additions:
Ex 25:25 made a statute – made for them a statue
Deut 26:1 the LORD – the LORD thy God

Word changes:
2Chron 3:10 most holy place – most holy house
Ps 69:32 seek good – seek God

60+ pages of variants is a lot of jots and tittles. These obvious and deliberate variants (Scrivener) don’t hurt my position (recognizable Standard Bible is what God expects you to believe) in the least, but strike a major blow to those adherents of “jot & tittle preservation”.

As I wrote in the OP these types of DIFFERENCES are labeled tolerable ranges of translation (Waite), the providence of God (Hill), advanced revelation (Ruckman) and in the form that God wants us to have (Ruckman) by the major authors in KJVO land.

See, I got the DIFFERENCE and that from the premiere scholar who noted the typos, misprints, peculiar orthography and VARIANTS!

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