John R. Rice

“Any rejection of the Bible is a rejection of Jesus Christ.” pg 35

“The critic of the Bible is the critic of Jesus Christ.” pg 38

“One cannot be saved without believing the Bible.” pg 37

“There is no way of being saved except by taking the Bible at face value and its message as the authoritative Word of God.” pg 33

“Every common Christian can thank God that he has in his hand the very Word of God itself.” pg 30

“Note that God has guaranteed the preservation of His Word!” pg 30

“We have in our hands, in a standard English translation, the reliable, trustworthy Word of God. It is in English instead of Hebrew and Greek, but it
is the very word of God.” pg. 29

“One who makes the Bible or any part of the Bible a lie, makes a liar of Jesus Christ who called it His Word and who has guaranteed that it would never pass away. Jesus quoted and believed the Bible and put His approval and guarantee upon its authenticity and authority.” pg 38

Our Perfect Book, by John R. Rice

“There are many reasons why the principal translation used in the pulpit and the Sunday school and the home should be the King James Version.” pg 380

“There are some complaints against the King James Version, particularly by the liberals. They say there are ‘so many archaic words.’ Actually, you will not find one archaic word of doubted meaning to every three pages. The context nearly always makes the sense of any such word clear.” pg 380

“But some exclaims, ‘Today young people cannot understand the King James Version.’ The complaint is silly. I taught college sophomores Shakespeare and there are ten times as many obsolete or archaic terms in Shakespeare as in your King James translation of the same period, and the translation of the King James Version is more classic, more influential and more eternal than all the writing of Shakespeare. Chaucer is studied in English classes with hardly a sentence in the language as we now know it, and students learn that. One archaic word in three or four chapters does not faze any interested reader. Again and again we have read the whole Bible through at the breakfast table and each child from seven or eight years on read her part daily.” pg 380-381

“Some enthusiastic teachers may get young people interested in a modern version and so think that they learn it more easily. But the same enthusiasm would get them to enjoy the King James Version as much.” Pg 381

“‘I can’t understand it,’ says some querulous youthful voice; or, ‘I don’t enjoy the King James Version.’ You can’t understand ‘the LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want’ and other sweet cadences of the 23rd Psalm? You cannot understand ‘in my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you,’ in that most comforting chapter of John 14? You cannot understand the Beatitude such as, ‘Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God’? There are really no uninteresting parts of the Bible, there ar some uninterested people. And the antagonism or indifference which one may have toward the Bible is not really intellectual; it is spiritual. Some people do not love the Bible and do not read it, not because of archaic words but because of the natural, human antipathy to spiritual things, the indifference of the sinful, human heart to divine things. Their real antipathy is not toward the King James Version but toward the Bible itself.” Pg 381

“There is no evidence that any translation of the Bible now in existence will ever supersede the King James Version in the love and usage by common Christians.” pg 381

Our God-Breathed Book – The Bible, The Verbally Inspired, Eternal, Inerrant Word of God”, Dr. John R. Rice.

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