Unauthorized Rhetoric

Unauthorized Rhetoric

The oft repeated jingle, “Things different are not the same”, is a half truth spouted by those attempting to defend our English Bible. I suspect that the jingle first came into vogue among KJVO when trying to demonstrate that a sectarian, particular or individually preferred Version was indeed different and not simply an “easier to understand Version” as Critics of our English Bible pretend. The truth is things different can indeed be the same, this should never be construed to mean all things different are the same.

For example:

1) the equations 2 + 2, 2 x 2 and 4 / 2 are all different, but the results are the same.

2) the autograph was written in a very different language than our English Bible, but they are both Scriptures in their respective languages despite the differences.

3) synonyms are two or different words that have the same meaning.

4) the four Gospels are different yet each one has the same character being the word of God.

The English Authorized Version of the Holy Scriptures has changed not just in orthography as some imply, but in jot and tittles, added words, word counts, plural to singular, his to her, our to your, etc. yet it remains the word of God in English.

God’s word does indeed “remain the same”, but “the same” is not defined, nor can it be, by word counts, differences in pronouns, tenses, plurals, etc. The word of God is always pure (doesn’t change), always true (doesn’t change), always infallible (doesn’t change), always given by inspiration of God in its written form (doesn’t change), always the final authority in matters of doctrine (doesn’t change), etc. It is the CHARACTER of God’s word that “remains the same” and not language, syntax, jot & tittles, word counts, etc.

This soundbite was brought to you by Just Balances dot org (Prov 11:1; Lev 19:36; Ezek 45:10, etc.)

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