Merril Unger on the Authorized Version

Merril F. Unger

The Authorized Version “The excellence of the work done is attested by the simple fact that this version [AV] has held the heart of the English-speaking world for nearly three centuries, and that no subsequent version has been able to supplant it.”

The Revised Version “The aim of the translators was to introduce as few alterations into the text of the A.V. as faithfulness to the truth would allow; and to make the language of such alterations comform to that of the rest of the book. The New Version has not won the heart of English-speaking world, but is accepted as an able commentary on the text which since 1611 has been a sacred classic.”

Merrill F. Unger, Unger’s Bible Dictionary, 1976, pgs. 1114, 1115

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